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6700 Winton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45224 / 513-542-4010

Our Ministries

Since Northern Hills began in 1960 a value on impacting those in our community and those within our four walls has been of utmost priority. Making disciples for the transformation of the world does not end when one affirms a saving relationship with God through Jesus. It continues as a life long path of learning as individuals and as a corporate body of Christ. This is accomplished through reaching out to our community through regular events and programs, but also intentional disciple making through our regular programs and events for those that call Northern Hills home.

Children’s Ministries

On Sunday we offer three children’s bible studies during our Sunday morning service, which are facilitated by our loving volunteers.


Throughout the year we offer various moments of outreach and growth in faith through our Easter egg hunt, Vacation Bible School, Pumpkin Patch celebration, and Breakfast with Santa. These will be discussed in more detail in ‘Outreach and Service Ministries’.

Breakfast with Santa 2014

During these times we offer bible study, prayer, a loving example of what it means to follow Jesus, and a dedication to faithful and intentional growth for a life long goal of faith in our children and the children that attend these programs. As they grow we encourage service within the church and outside because we believe that works of mercy through service is also apart of our growth process.

Adult Ministries

We offer currently a variety of encouragement and growth in our adults faithful walk with Christ. On Sunday’s we offer an Adult Sunday School, a worship service at 10am, a Small Group on Tuesday’s (as we grow these areas will continue to grow as well), and our Chancel Choir and Worship team.

We also encourage in our adults growth through an active devotional life. This is through encouragement through personal devotions that John Wesley describes as Means of Grace in the area of works of piety. But this practice of piety is also offered in maintaining the health of self and individual. This is done through a weekly class on Christian Meditation that meets on Tuesday’s and an Aerobics class that meets on Wednesday’s.

As these works of piety are important we cannot neglect our works of mercy. Through service and outreach the Holy Spirit through acts of grace moves us ever further towards holiness that helps us as individuals, and as the body of Christ work towards a goal of us reflecting Jesus more then we reflect ourselves, this is discussed further below.

Outreach and Service Ministries

Through out the year we offer various opportunities for works of mercy so we may grow as believers and share the good news with our community. Throughout the year we serve the community through an Easter Egg Hunt, Greek Festival Parking, Vacation Bible School, the Pumpkin Patch, Breakfast with Santa, Christmas gifts and household supplies to families at Winton Hills Academy, and providing weekend meals of breakfast and lunch to a local school to help those students and families that can be aided by a little extra help. These are great ways that God moves in our community as we partner with those within our community.

Breakfast with Santa 2014

Here are some additional areas that we partner with our community:

Kids Clothing Closet

On the second Thursday of every month from 3pm – 6pm we have a Kids Clothing Closet. We offer gently used kids clothing from birth to size 16 that is free of charge to those who are in need of a little extra help. We know by clothing those in who need a little extra help we are being the hands and feet of Jesus to our community.

Weekend Meals

During the school season we anonymously, happily supply 10-20, depending on the need, meals for students to have over the weekend in the Finneytown Local School District. Loving our Neighbor is of utmost importance to us at Northern Hills UMC and this is one way we are able to express the love we have for God by sharing that same love with our neighbor.

Finneytown Oasis Summer Camp

During the summer we partner with various churches and christians in the Finneytown area to offer a free summer camp, which we affectionately call Finneytown Oasis Summer Camp. For more information please check them out on their website at

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions regarding these ministries by going to:

Contact Us

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